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How would it feel to not have to spend countless hours on cold outreach, social media or at networking events trying to drum up more sales?


What if you had a proven system that consistently generates qualified leads and warms them up, ready to buy your products and services? A system that works for your business week after week. No more networking, no more cold outreach. Just more time spent serving your business.

What would this do for your business and your personal life? You didn’t start a business to spend all your time on it. Imagine being able to spend less time working on your business and still increase your profits?


And what if you could do this within the next 60 days?


You can have this proven system working for your business in the next 60 days. That means in just two months you will have time to focus more on growing your business instead of spending all your time finding customers.

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"More members without having to chase prospects... EXCELLENT!"

Your Framework for Acquiring

Customers and Clients on Autopilot

When it comes to creating your system, there are three core components that you need to put in place to be successful.


Lead Generation - You need a way to generate high-quality leads directly from your website. If you don't have a website, you can create a microsite that's sole purpose is to generate leads for your business.


Marketing Automation - Generating a flood of leads is the first step, you need to use marketing automation to warm up these leads to your products or services.


Marketing automation will do the heavy lifting for you and ensure that you are only talking to the very best prospects.


Or if you sell products online, it will drastically increase your sales.

Digital advertising - Once you have your lead generation and marketing automation setup, you can now start to sprinkle in some of that magic digital advertising dust. 


This will drive traffic to your website or microsite and begin the process of customer acquisition.


Then you can sit back and watch the customers roll in.


Will this help you be successful? - Success means different things to different people.


This system will take cold website traffic, generate quality leads and automatically warm them up to your business, ready to buy your products or services.


Will this help you achieve your version of success? 

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Kyle Mucha


Want to stop spending all your time finding more customers and start focussing on enjoying your business?

Book a call with me today to learn how marketpreneurs can help your business surpass its revenue goals and save countless hours chasing customers.

What most marketing agencies don’t do but should.

You have likely come across a marketing agency or two in your time. They usually want to make your site beautiful or get you on the first page of Google. Maybe they know how to drive traffic to your website through digital advertising.

All of this is great, but it should be the very last thing that you do. First, you need a system that creates customers on autopilot.

Once you have this in place, your SEO and advertising spend is going to go a lot further. A system like this is going to skyrocket your marketing ROI.

A successful customer acquisition system follows these three principles…


Massive Upfront Value

To get noticed by your target audience you first need to provide them with massive value. No one cares who you are, just what you can do for them.

Show them how by providing them with massive value in exchange for some contact information. This will allow you to generate more leads and start the customer acquisition process.

Relationship Building


You have your foot in the door. Don’t ruin it by selling straight away. Build that relationship first with some more value.


Use automated marketing software to introduce what your business can do for them through a value-driven approach. Get this right and you will find people wanting to know more.

Make That Conversion


Now you have successfully created a list of prospects who know your business, like what you do, and actually need your products and services; you can offer up your conversion event.

This can be as simple as buying products directly through your website or getting people to book a time for you to give them a call. Create a clear conversion event and make sure people know exactly what they need to do.

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"Kyle is a very talented email marketer. When I first brought him on board to design a new email sequence that would re-activate and engage my audience he knocked it out of the park. While he built out the new email sequence he also helped design a lead magnet for my audience, and engagement is through the roof (metrics like open rate and click-through rate are significantly outperforming the industry average). In addition to this, we have been working with Kyle to increase on-site lead capture and his efforts have resulted in an email list growing at 5% per month. If you are looking for a results-driven marketeer, Kyle is the right person for the job!"

Dom @ Gen Y Finance Guy

What do I receive working with marketpreneurs?

 You receive a fully automated customer acquisition system, implemented by our team of expert marketers. What’s better is that you only have to deal with one point of contact.


Here’s what’s included…


  • A massive value offer created specifically for your potential customers.

  • A high converting landing page that allows you to collect contact information in exchange for access to your massive value offer.

  • Your website optimised to turn cold traffic into leads.

  • A relationship-building email marketing sequence that turns leads into prospects, ready to buy from you.

  • All this packaged into a scalable automated system ready to get you customers on autopilot.


Who is it for?

This system follows basic marketing principles that can be applied to any business, including:

  • Professional services

  • eCommerce

  • SaaS

  • Local businesses

  • Blogging


This framework is for you if…

You love what you do, and your customers love what you do, but you are spending too much time finding customers.

Or you want to grow your business but don’t have the time to increase your customer acquisition efforts.

Or you want to free up some time to spend away from your business.

Or you have a lot of website traffic but it is not translating into more customers.


By working with marketpreneurs you will…

  • Have a scalable business model that allows you to better serve your business and live the lifestyle you wanted to when starting out.

  • Have an automated marketing system that consistently gets you more customers and does not require you to spend hours doing so.

  • Have a partner that understands your business, your goals, and wants to help you reach them.



"More sales, more insights..."

"Instant increase in sales..."

"The business pretty much runs itself..."

"My name is Julian Thornton founder of Ecommpreneur Podcast and the Naked Ecom Market Domination Reports Membership


Kyle Mucha is my go-to expert when I want to get advice about Autoresponders and applying them to eCommerce.


I liked him so much I had him create a course for my clients as well as had him feature on my Ecommpreneur Podcast.


If you want to have an expert set up your autoresponder platform and sequence then there is NO-ONE better to help you get focus, clarity and ultimately results.


Happy Selling"


Julian Thornton

"We recently migrated to Active Campaign from Mailchimp and Kyle helped clean up our lists, adding the correct tags as well as automating our email campaigns and set up our newsletter. Our eCommerce business now looks a lot more professional and we've already seen an increase in sales and engagement with our customers." Sasha Radwin, Director of SpecialKids.Company.

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"Kyle helped us engaged with new and existing customers through email marketing. No complex jargon. Just simple, clear advice."  Peach Blossom

"Kyle is fantastic to work with. He has great insights and expertise into lead generation and email marketing. Professional and efficient, delivering results that have exceeded our expectations."  Aisha W, Founder of Passion Fruut