Why we love our customers and how to love yours

how to love your customers

This is going to be a shorter than usual blog. However, the message is one of the most important I have ever discussed.

It really relates back to the famous Jay Abrahams Strategy of Preeminence. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to!

It essentially comes down to treating your customers as the most important people in the world.

This is not anything new. In fact, most of you reading this probably already know it. Many of you probably think you do this already.

In reality, many businesses don’t love their customers.

They merely like the outcome they get from them…more money.

In this blog post I want to examine what loving your customer really means and why you need to open your heart to yours.

I love my customers

To start a business, you need a lot of commitment.

Entrepreneurs are not super humans. They have the same genetic makeup as the rest of the population.

They have just discovered one simple thing that others haven’t yet.

That is a burning passion to make a difference through their business. This is what creates a successful entrepreneur.

The desire and determination to get up every day and work hard to make a significant difference in this world.

If entrepreneurs didn’t have this then their business will fail. As we all know, starting a business is a lot of work.

You need that burning desire to push you. To make that difference. To be successful.

The passion that you have for your business can be found in some form within your customers.

If you think about it, they are interested in what your business does. The reason why they purchased from you is because they believe in your business.

Right there, you have a really meaningful connection.

Your customers believe in your business and what it stands for. You should believe in them and show them that same love.

How do you love your customers?

Exactly how you love anyone.

Shower them with gifts, tell them they mean something to you. Give and demand nothing in return.

This might sound a little bit sentimental for a business blog but business is no different than life. The same principles apply.

People say love is the root cause of personal happiness. It is exactly the same in business!

You love your business, you love what you do. Then love the people that make doing that possible.

Because they are mighty fond of your business.

It’s about providing value

You don’t sell a product or service. You sell an outcome. This outcome has a value connected to it.

Instead of looking at providing your customer with more in monetary terms. Figure out how you can provide them with more value.

At the end of the day, that's what they really care about.

Go that extra mile. Add a personal touch. Over deliver.

These are all ways you can add value to your products or services.

Do this before they even become customers. This is the basics of selling.

I remember way back in university. I was in a lesson on sales and the lecturer said, “you need to make your customer's slice of pie bigger than yours.”

This stuck with me, not just because I like pie, but because it was the perfect analogy. People buy things that have a higher value to them than the cost.

Start providing this value before people even become a customer and you will demonstrate that you are serious about helping them.

This will start your relationship off strong. Then just carry on improving the relationship.

Start showing the love

If you truly want to become a successful entrepreneur and start an amazing business or several amazing businesses, then you have to love the stakeholders that are most important to you…

Your customers!

Without them, you can no longer pursue your passion.

They believe in you.

Believe in them.

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