Top 7 Benefits of Website User Reviews

Top 7 Benefits of Website User Reviews

It’s been proven that websites with product reviews show a higher conversion rate.

Product reviews are essential for your online store. The experiences other buyers share is essential for encouraging an online customer to trust your products or services.

When we buy online, we can neither touch nor see the products, or be certain of their quality, which may impact our desire to buy. Online reviews can offer vital first-hand information to facilitate the purchase decision process.

In fact, the phenomenon of consulting online reviews is supported by several market studies:

62% of customers read product reviews created by fellow shoppers and made available on internet; 82% of those customers state that there is a direct linkage between their final shopping choices and the consumer reviews consulted, influencing them to buy a different product from the ones they had originally been thinking of.

70% of customers consult review or ratings before purchasing.

63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site which has product reviews.

80% of consumers have changed their minds about a purchase based only on negative information they found online.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Allowing users to share their opinions and experiences will not only help you build reliability, but also generate extra benefits:

1. Free business audit

Client reviews provide you with an invaluable source of information about customer satisfaction, what they value most about your products and services, and the weak points you should improve.

2. Information they need at that time

When a customer searches for a product or service on the internet, they are looking to solve their inquiries as quickly and easily as possible. Trustable client reviews help speed up the purchasing process.

3. SEO

Your customers opinions will help you naturally reach the top hits on search engines, since they create unique content that is regularly updated.

4. CTR

Positive reviews can help increase the click-through rate on your PPC adds.

5. Encourage a potential purchase

Happiness is contagious, when happy customers share a positive review on social networks, their friends can take them into account for the future, and even encourage an unexpected purchase.

6. Content Generation

Client Reviews are the cheapest marketing tool. You don’t need to hire writers, content creators or spend money on SEO campaigns. Your clients will do it for you, and for FREE!

7. Trust

Even bad reviews help you build up trust, because it means that the reviews are REAL. And most importantly, customers want to see that you care. Bad reviews give you the chance to demonstrate your problem solving attitude. This helps you to show your potential customers your way of working and your prompt reply when things don’t go well. They will see you as a company that cares. And that sells.

Online shoppers generally look for 3 things:

  • Is this the right product for me?

  • Is the price fare?

  • Is the seller trustworthy?

How does your company fare on the above? Would information provided on the internet influence your decision making?

If not, bear in mind that collecting client reviews can be:

  • FREE

  • Easy

  • Intuitive

  • Relevant (collecting all the relevant information for marketing statistics control)

And... depending on the management tool chosen, can be:

  • Multilingual

  • Adaptive

  • Social network integrated

  • Google shopping ratings integrated

  • Marketing tools integrated: Coupons, Cross- selling, Blacklisting

You can try using a client review collector such as revi to let your customers to do some of the selling for you.

So now you know, if you have an online store (or even an offline one) and you want to attract more customers, you don’t need a significant marketing investment. Implement an online reviews system and let your clients do the selling for you.

About the Author - Lina Pedelini

As a Social Communicator and Digital Marketing specialist, Lina is responsible for content creation and introducing to the UK market. Outside of the office, she can be found enjoying the beach, training and having fun with friends.

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