24 Lead Magnet Examples That Convert Leads Like Crazy

As a savvy business owner, I'm sure you already know how important generating leads is to grow your business.

If you are looking for new lead magnet examples to increase the number of leads you are generating, then this post is perfect for you.

I have handpicked each one of these lead magnet examples to get your creative juices flowing and help you generate more leads for your business.

Have a look through these examples, I am sure you are going to find something that is perfect for your business.

Lead Magnet Examples

Content Upgrade Examples

The content upgrade is a great way to convert readers of your blog into leads.

The beauty of the content upgrade is that it is a super targeted lead magnet that uses people's current interest in the blog post they are reading.

It offers more detailed information on the exact same topic and has crazy high lead conversion rates.

Here are three examples of the content upgrade being done well.

Content Upgrade Lead Magnet Example 1

If you create a long blog post then you can consider offering it as a PDF download as well.

Many people will not have time to read the whole blog post at that time. You can give them the opportunity to grab a PDF version of it so they can read it later.

Not only are providing extra value to them but you are creating another simple way to generate leads on your website.

Content Upgrade Lead Magnet Example 2

In this content upgrade, they are providing extra value to a blog post with a checklist that is relevant to the topic of the post.

This will help people implement what they learnt in the post and generate leads for the business.

Content Upgrade Lead Magnet Example

Check out the wording used in this content upgrade. It is a special bonus that people can grab to, again, help them implement what they've learnt from the blog post.

eBook Examples

It's a classic lead magnet example. A classic is a classic for a reason, right?

The eBook is a relatively low cost lead magnet that can have a high impact if done well.

And here are three examples of businesses doing just this.

eBook Lead Magnet Example 1

This example from Jeff Bullas displays the moment you land on his website. It uses simple design and direct messaging to promote the benefits of downloading this eBook.

eBook Lead Magnet Example 2

This eBook is offering bloggers a way to overcome one of their biggest challenges.

Take note of the benefit driven bullet points. See how they are selling the value at the same time as surrounding it in mystery.

eBook Lead Magnet Example 3

In this example from Mixpanel they are promoting a change in the norm. This is a great way to demonstrate a value in the content.

By selling a new approach to analytics, the eBook instantly becomes more valuable to potential leads who want to learn what this is and discover how they benefit from it.

Training Examples

This is my favourite lead magnet example as not only are you creating a high converting lead magnet, you also create a highly engaging email series along with it.

Think about it for a second... if someone signs up to take your training course, it is likely they want to consume each lesson.

All you have to do is deliver each lesson in a separate email and not only are you providing a ton of value to your leads, you are creating an opportunity to sell to them in each email.

Here are three examples of this done well.

Training Lead Magnet Example 1

This is a fantastic example of a lead magnet from Lead Quizzes. Providing numbers in the copy adds a validity to the content and gives people a better idea of the results they can achieve from the training.

Also, check out the social proof at the bottom from some well known brand names. I bet this converts leads like crazy.

Lead Magnet Training Example 2

This lead magnet uses the power of numbers again. This time they provide a more specific number which makes it more believable.

I like this lead magnet example as it is targeting one of the biggest pain points in business... missing out on profit.

It uses highly emotional driven content to convert website visitors into leads.

Discount Examples

This is one of the simplest lead magnets on the list and ideal if you own an eCommerce business.

The idea is simple, people like free stuff. If you offer them a chance to get money off your products in exchange for an email address, it's a win win.

Here some great examples of discounts being used well.

Lead Magnet Discount Example 1

This simple design makes it easy for you to understand exactly what you are getting from this company.

I really like the messaging they use to create the idea of exclusivity if you sign up to their mailing list.

Discount Lead Magnet Example 2

This example from Green Mountain Mustard is set to trigger when the website visitor is about to leave their site.

With some clever messaging and an enticing discount, they are able to increase the number of leads they are converting from their website from people who were about to leave.

Discount Lead Magnet Example 3

Discounts aren't just limited to eCommerce stores. This one from QuickSprout is triggered on exit intent and is offering a hefty discount to their online training course.

Quiz Examples

The quiz gamifies your lead generation efforts.

This is a fast growing trend in marketing at the moment and has proven to be an incredibly effective way to generate leads.

Here are three examples of amazing lead generation quizzes.

Quiz Lead Magnet Example 1

This quiz is helping people to find the right supplements for them. Not only is it providing a valuable resource to website visitors, it will also help Legion to better target their subscribers with supplements relevant to them.

Can you see how powerful quiz lead magnets can be?

Quiz Lead Magnet Example 2

In this example from Hostel World, they are helping people understand the best way for them to travel.

The information they collect in this quiz will allow them to target leads with more relevant products.

Quiz Lead Magent Example 3

This fun quiz lead magnet example helps home owners to understand the architectural style of their home.

Not all lead magnets need to be serious. By making them more fun, you will still convert a large volume of your website traffic into leads.

Free Trial Examples

If you run a SaaS business or even a training business, the free trial is a simple way to generate leads.

Not only will you generate leads, you will get a chance to show people why they should be paying customers.

Here are three examples of how to do this from some of the biggest brands in the world.

Free trial lead magnet example 1

If you have a great product that you know people need, why not offer it for free for one month to help them find out for themselves.

The free trial removes the cost barrier from the equation and once people are hooked on your product, they won't want to stop using and pay you for the privilege.

Free trial lead magnet example 2

Even Netflix take this approach to generating leads. I definitely fell pray to this method for more than one streaming service.

Free trial lead magnet example 3

This is a great example from LinkedIn. Check out the copy at the bottom that sells the benefits to using their Sales Navigator product.

Competition Examples

Similar to discounts, these competition lead generation examples are based on the premise the everyone likes free stuff. I know I do.

By giving people the opportunity to win something for free in exchange for an email address, you will see your lead generation skyrocket.

Competition Lead Magnet Example 1

This competition from Wishpond makes it pretty difficult for you not to enter. With a prize worth $2,000, it is difficult to turn this lead magnet offer down.

If you own an eCommerce store then you can see how this example could generate you a ton of leads.

The reason why this works so well is that you already know people are interested in your products. So, how can they turn down the offer to win €700 worth of them.

The bigger the prize, the more leads you will convert.

Competition Lead Magnet Example 2

I like this competition lead magnet example as it uses a countdown timer to add a sense of urgency to encourage people to enter.

This uses the psychological sales principle of scarcity. If people see that they might miss out if they don't act quick, they are more likely to act.

This simple tactic will greatly increase the number of leads you generate from a lead magnet and is super easy to use for competitions.

Checklist Examples

A checklist is a very simple and effective way to offer people valuable information in an easily consumable way.

This offers a sense of instant gratification to a lead who downloads it. The quicker they see a benefit from the lead magnet, the more likely they will remember you.

Here are some great examples of checklist lead magnets in action.

Checklist Lead Magnet Example 1

This popup promotes a simple way to rank higher in Google. The benefits of this to a business can be huge!

Checklist Lead Magnet Example 2

Can you see how even the word checklist makes it seem like it will simplify the entire process?

You almost feel like you can easily start a Wordpress website if you download it.

Checklist Lead Magnet Example 3

This is a great example of a checklist lead magnet promoted well. Anyone looking to create a resume would be silly to pass up this opportunity.

A simple way to create the perfect resume... yes please!

What Lead Magnet Will You Create?

This list of lead magnet examples will give you a good idea of how to create you own high converting lead magnet.

If you want more help to develop your lead magnet, check out Mark, the marketing bot.

Mark can help you create your very own lead magnet in a few simple steps. Try Mark now...

Thank you for reading this blog post. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do so.

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