How to save over 5 hours a week with email automation

save time with email automation

I read an article that said it takes on average 13 minutes to write an email response.

At first I thought that was a long time, but after thinking it through, it makes perfect sense.

A great and thoughtful email response will go a long way to building a relationship with the person on the other end. That’s what business is all about at the end of the day - relationships.

But writing out all those long emails is not a particularly effective use of your time, especially with the hundreds of other things you could be doing as a small business owner.

I am about to show you a much more effective way of building relationships with potential customers.

If you follow these tactics, you are going to save yourself a ton of time during your workday.

I will show you exactly how I calculated 5 hours at the end of this blog.

Just think about what you could do with all that extra time!

Building relationships early

Email marketing is still a hugely important part of business and marketing.

In fact, the ROI on email marketing is 4300%!

That’s incredible! A figure that cannot be ignored by any small business.

Any good marketer will understand that email marketing is not just about making sales but about building relationships. By building a great relationship with your leads you will increase the likelihood that they will become a customer.

A lead will usually come to you and request more information while they are in the research stage of the buying process.

This means that as soon as someone becomes a lead, you want to make sure that you are taking steps to build that relationship.

Otherwise that person will start to look somewhere else and soon forget about your business. Harvard Business Review found that following up with a lead within the first hour increases the likelihood of qualifying that lead by 600%.

Following up with new leads individually is not only time consuming but when you think about having to keep an eye out for when they are created, it is almost impossible to stay on top of it without some help.

Email automation to the rescue

Email automation is now incredibly accessible.

There are many different providers available ranging from little to high cost.

We use GetResponse as they have a huge range of features for a very reasonable price. You can test it out for free with a 30-day trial. Click here to find out more.

A simple and effective way to utilise this type of tool is to set up an automated email sequence when you create a new lead.

You can do this by creating and embedding a lead capture form into your website.

Or, if you want to focus more on lead generation, I suggest creating a landing page to avoid distracting leads from anything but the action you want them to take.

GetResponse have a great tool included to help you build and optimise high converting landing pages.

Once you have a lead capture mechanism in place. The next step is to create a sequence of emails that focus on building a relationship with your new leads.

Relationship building tips

Think about how you have formed relationships in the past and what were the core factors that made this relationship happen.

These concepts are no different in business…

Form a connection

The connection you share is pretty obvious. This person is looking for help in an area your products or services cover.

Use this but not in an overly salesy way.

Don’t hard sell

There is no quicker way to kill a relationship then going straight in with the hard sale.

This person has only just met you (your business), why should they buy from you straight away?

Think first about how you can build trust with this person. It will go a long way in building your relationship.

Provide immense amounts of value

By providing value to your leads before they have even made a purchase is going to show them that you care about their needs.

Your customers are incredibly valuable to you. If you can show them this before they even become customers, they are not going to want to go elsewhere.

Be personal

Where possible, small touches of personalisation will go a long way. You do this by using the information you have gathered on your lead.

This might not be much at first. But you will know a few things, a name perhaps. You will definitely know their interests.

Well at least one of them…your business.

Be human

People make up a business. People build relationships.

Show a human face of your business by sending the emails from an individual. Why not send under your own name? You own the business and know the most about it.

Make sure you add some personality to the email content. There is nothing that will switch people off more than a bland corporate style email.

Show you care

This should be easy. You should care about your customers and potential customers, as without them, you don’t have a business.

It should be your number one priority to make them happy. Adopt this ethos in your business and writing emails that make people feel special will become second nature.

Back to saving 5 hours a week

You might be wondering where I got this number from.

Well, HubSpot conducted a study in 2016 that showed 77% of businesses with between 1-200 employees need up to 100 leads a month in order to meet their sales targets.

That’s a lot of potential emails that you need to send to your new leads.

But that’s OK as you have taken care of this with automation.

If you were sending an email to each of those 100 new leads then at 13 minutes a pop, that’s going to take you over 21 hours a month. Or over 5 hours per week.

Do yourself and your business a favour, and adopt email automation into your workflow.

You are going to be extremely happy when you start saving all that time.

Want more time and cost saving techniques?

Then check out our FREE high-performance low-cost business training. Here you will find a lot more tools and strategies to help you run an even more efficient business.

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