How to Hire a Marketing Manager (3 ways to make the process smooth)

Creating a successful business means you will need to hire key roles in your organisation. Once you get to a certain size you should consider hiring a Marketing Manager.

I know. I know. A marketing agency talking about how to hire a marketing manager.

This might seem counter intuitive, but you will be surprised how often I get asked this question…

“Kyle, do you know any good Marketing Managers.”

That’s because once you get to a certain size, it makes sense to hire a marketing manager to keep track of all your marketing.

Trust me. There’s always room for a specialist marketing agency ;).

So, after the umpteenth time of hearing this question, I thought I would write a quick post about some of the best ways I know of how to do this.

I spent the better part of a decade in marketing manager roles, so I know a thing or two about how to streamline the process.

Here are my simple hacks on how to hire a marketing manager...

How to Hire a Marketing Manager

Define Your Job Role

This is the most important thing you can do to help make your life easier during the hiring process.

Don’t just say, it would be nice to have this, and it would be nice to have that.

Open up a word document and write out exactly what you need that person to do in your organisation and what characteristics/skills the person should have. The more detailed the better.

Here are some areas that you should cover:

  • What areas of marketing are they in charge of?

  • How will their success be measured?

  • Who do they report to?

  • How much experience should they have?

  • How much can you pay them?

  • What qualifications should they have?

  • What areas of expertise will help them succeed in the role?

  • What are their main objectives in the role?

  • How does this role align with the company’s missions and goals?

For a more detailed description of this process, check out this article.

This simple task is going to make the rest of the hiring process so much easier.

If you are ever in doubt about a candidate, just look back over this document and you will soon realise if they are right for the role.

Post the Job on Your Website

With the recruitment industry booming at the moment, you might think the best way to save time is to outsource the hiring process.

Don’t worry, I get to that in just a moment.

But, before you do that, the best thing to do is to advertise the job on your website.

Let me tell you why this will make your life ten times easier...

The world’s biggest job boards like Jooble and Monster, monitor new jobs that get posted across the web. They then feature those jobs on their website.

The result, your job gets in front of thousands of candidates.

You will also get the attention of many recruitment agencies. Before the week is over, I guarantee that you will receive multiple job applications from candidates and calls from recruitment agencies wanting to help you.

And all you had to do is post your job advert on your website. Simple, right?

Then you just have to create an excellent recruitment process…

Create a Time Saving Recruitment Process

You are now at a stage where you can decide if you want to work with a recruitment agency or do it yourself.

Recruitment agencies can help you save time in going through potential applicants’ CVs. But they are an additional expense.

It’s your call on if you want to pay the money or spend the time doing it yourself.

I personally considered both options each time I hired a new candidate. My reasoning was, the quicker I hire someone, the faster they start producing for my business and saving me time.

So, I would go through applicants who applied directly through my company’s website and accepted candidates from recruiters.

If the recruiter put forward the best candidate for the position, I would pay them. If I found the best candidate, I wouldn’t have to. Either way, the job was filled in the fastest possible time.

To save more time, you need an efficient hiring process. This consists of splitting the process into stages.

Before I explain how I did this, I just want to clarify that my aim was to hire a great candidate quickly. That means I didn’t wait to see all the CVs we would receive, as soon as I spotted a great candidate, I moved them to the next stage.

One thing I did do was to always conduct a face-to-face interview with at least three candidates. This was mostly to give my boss peace of mind that I had found someone great.

Here is my hiring process…

Check CVs - Every morning when I was hiring someone, I went through the most recent CVs I had received. If they matched my job criteria, they got moved onto the next stage.

Phone Interview – The next step was to arrange a phone interview where we would talk about why they were interested in the role. If I believed they really wanted to job and were a good candidate, they would get moved forward to the next stage.

Phone interviews are great because they last 30 minutes or less and save both you and the candidate a tonne of time. If someone turns up to the interview and you realise, they are not good for the role in the first five minutes, both your time has been wasted.

Face-to-Face Interview – A few days before the interview I would ask the candidate to prepare a presentation about how they would market the company. This is a great test, especially in marketing, to see just how good they are. Many skills get tested during this type of presentation.

Make sure you give all candidates the same amount of time to prepare. This will make the test fair.

I also used to ask them to do two extra tests during the interview. One was to get them to write a piece of marketing copy to test their writing abilities.

The other was required by the company for all potential new employees to undertake. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t do this as it was a science-based test (for a science software company).

For me, the presentation and written test were enough.

If I thought the person was right for the role at this stage, I would offer them the job.

If I was struggling to choose between them and another candidate, I would invite them both back in for a short one-hour interview and bring another team member in to get their opinion.

It’s Time to Find a Marketing Manager

I hope sharing my process with you has helped provide you with the information needed on how to hire a great marketing manager for your business.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to find a marketing manager in the most efficient way possible.

Once you get them, make sure you put them in touch with us. We can help your business create a customer acquisition machine that will keep your marketing manager very busy and help them meet their goals.

Click here to get in touch now.

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