How to Grow Your Twitter Followers (7 Little Known Tips from The Pros)

Twitter has over 326 million active users. The potential to promote your business on this social platform is huge!

The question is, how do you grow your twitter followers and get a bigger share of this market?

In this blog post you will find seven incredibly actionable tips to help you grow your twitter followers from seven people who have a ton of followers.

This is what 99% of businesses are not doing on Twitter.

By following these, you are guaranteed to see an increase in your Twitter followers. This means more potential customers will know who you are.

So, let's get stuck in and find out how to grow your Twitter followers fast.

How to grow twitter followers

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Craft an Incredible Twitter Bio

On most social media websites the bio is the first place people will look to find out more about you. If this isn't amazing, they will likely not follow or engage with you.

This applies even more to Twitter as when searching through profiles, people can see your bio.

Make sure you use the few words that you have available as best as you can. Succinctly explain what you do and what people can expect from following you.

To make this even more effective, Moss Clement recommends including what your business does in your header image. This will double the chance that people will see this important information and follow you.

The next tip will help to make your bio even more effective.

Boost Your Profile with Keywords

Just like a search engine, Twitter uses keywords to determine the profiles they show to people who use its search feature.

Ivan Taylor from DIY Marketers recommends writing a keyword rich profile bio to help you get featured in more search results.

If someone searches for dog products and your profile contains the keyword 'dog products' then Twitter will include you in the search results.

This simple trick will help you get found and ultimately followed by more people on Twitter.

Twitter keyword rich bio

Here's our Twitter bio as an example. You can see a brief description of what we do using the main keywords we want to be found on.

The next tip is something that very few people think to do.

Be Mindful of Who You Follow

Communicating with your followers will help to keep and grow your Twitter following naturally.

The more active followers you have, the more retweets your posts will get. More retweets means you have a greater potential to get in front of a relevant audience.

In order to create this natural communication and growth, Sean Supplee recommends that you should be mindful of who you follow.

Following like minded people and businesses centred around your industry will help this communication happen.

This flows nicely into the next tip.

Retweet Influencers Tweets with a Twist

Retweeting influencers Tweets seems logical. Perhaps this is a tactic you already deploy.

By doing this, the followers of that influencer are likely to follow you because they know your views align with that influencer.

According to Reginald Chan, adding this next part into the equation can really help to boost your followers.

Provide your own opinion when retweeting influencers. This can be as simple as "I love this approach by xxx".

Doing this further demonstrates your alignment to this point of view and adds a level of personalisation that the influencer and their followers will appreciate.

Quote Tweet Example

Here's an example of how you can use this tactic in your retweets. Notice how we have tagged the influencer in the Tweet to help get more visibility from them and their audience.

This fits in perfectly with the next tip on the list.

Share Less About Yourself

Posting about yourself seems like the logical thing to do on Twitter. However, researchers at Rutgers University found that this might be hindering your follower growth.

They found that only 20% of people on social media inform their audience with useful advice. On average these people had over two times more followers.

To fit in with these 20%, share more valuable content that aligns with what your audience are interested in.

If you don't produce this content yourself, find relevant content from influencers or other media outlets to share.

Shared valuable Twitter content

As well as sharing content from our blog we share valuable content, like the above example, from other influencers.

A tool we use to find influencer content to share is Viral Content Bee.

This helps you to quickly find content that aligns with your business and share it with your followers in just a few clicks.

This will help you to drastically increase your Twitter followers.

Pick the Right Tweet to Pin to Your Profile

Pinned tweets get a lot of attention from people viewing your Twitter profile. This means that they can be used to provide people with even more relevant information about you.

There are several strategies you can use for your pinned tweet. One that Neil Patel advocates is to use a piece of great content that provides a lot of value.

If this is one of the first interactions someone has with your business, it's a great opportunity to put your best foot forward.

Choose one of your best pieces of content and people will more likely read it and share it with their following.

The extra shares will help you to boost your twitter following.

Pinned Tweet Example

Here's an example of a pinned tweet from Jeff Bullas. He is using a valuable eBook. Check out the number of shares he's had on this tweet. That will equal more followers.

The next tip leverages one of your businesses greatest assets to grow your followers.

Use Your Team to Promote Your Business in Their Bio

This has to be my favourite tips on the list. I am a big fan of creating employee advocacy programs in your business, especially when it comes to social media.

Even if you have a small workforce, it is likely they use multiple social media platforms and have potential customers in their network.

Kristi Hines suggests asking your employees to include the business's twitter handle in their profile bio.

When people visit their profiles or see them in Twitter's search, they will also see a link to your business's Twitter profile.

This has the potential to really boost your follower count.

Time to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Grow Twitter Followers Fast

If you implement these seven tips you will be sure to grow your Twitter followers. Here's a quick breakdown of those tips again.

  • Craft an incredible Twitter bio to let people know what your business does straight away.

  • Boost your profile with relevant keywords to make sure you are found in more searches.

  • Be mindful of who you follow so you can start more organic conversations in your Twitter feed.

  • Retweet influencers tweets and provide your own opinion on them.

  • Share more informative content and less about yourself.

  • Pick the right tweet to pin to your profile to demonstrate value straight out of the gate.

  • Use your team to promote your business in their bio and reach an even larger audience.

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