31 Email Marketing Tips To Boost Sales For Your Business

Email marketing is the best way to boost sales for your business.

It has an ROI of 4400% and is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than social media.

In order to see this type of returns, you need a solid email marketing strategy in your business. To help you, I have compiled my very best email marketing tips to boost sales for your business.

I have split the post up into five sections to help you improve every aspect of your email marketing.

  • Email Marketing Tips For Subject Lines

  • Email Marketing Content Tips

  • Email Marketing Copywriting Tips

  • Email Marketing List Building Tips

  • General Email Marketing Best Practices

The last section is the most important to ensure your email marketing is really effective.

Let's jump in...

Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips For Subject Lines

When it comes to email marketing, the first thing people read are your subject lines.

So, it make sense to start the tips off with some email open rate boosting tips. Once you get people to open your email, your email content and copy will take care of the rest.

Keep subject lines between 4 and 8 words

Think about how much space there is for your recipients to read your subject lines.

It really isn't much. To make sure you fit the information in that you want to say, keep your subject lines short.

It has been found that four to eight words is the optimal length of a subject line.

Use power words

Use power words in email subject lines

Subject lines should motivate people to take action and open your email. So, you should use power words that do just this.

Here is a list of over 500 power words you can use in your email subject lines.

Use the power of intrigue

Your subject line has one purpose and one purpose only. This is to get people to open your email.

There is nothing more powerful in a marketers armoury than intrigue. Use intrigue to make people want to find out what's in the email.

Use the recipient's first name

This is a super simple way to boost your email open rates. Cut through the noise of a crowded inbox by using the recipient's first name in the subject line.

Most email marketing platforms have a 'merge tag' feature that allows you to input information your know about the recipient into your email body or subject line.

Use emojis

Use emojis in email subject lines

Emojis are a great way to make your subject lines standout. Experian found that subject lines containing emojis have 56% greater open rates.

Use numbers in your subject line

Numbers are another great way to break up your subject line and standout in a crowded inbox.

It's been found that using numbers in your titles can increase your blog traffic rate by 206%. So, it makes sense to deploy this same tactic when creating your subject lines.

Promise something great

People don't just read emails for the sake of reading emails. They want to get something out of it.

Why should they read your email out of all the other emails in their inbox right now? Because your email is going to deliver immense value. Tell them this in your subject lines.

Email Marketing Content Tips

A question I often get asked is... "what content should I promote in my marketing emails?"

It's a great question because it is not always obvious what is the best content to use in your email marketing.

Here are some suggestions for great content to use.

Blog posts

If you spend time crafting amazing blog posts, show them off. Your contact list will appreciate that you shared this amazing content with them.


These are a great way to increase engagement with your contact list. The chance to win something always goes down well.

Plus, if you're clever and use a competition software, you can also grow your list virally.

Promote your products or services

This is the easiest form of content to promote in your emails. However, don't make all your emails about your products or services.

Make sure you are also providing valuable content and not always selling. As too much selling is likely to decrease the open rates and, in turn, delivery rates of your emails.


Do you have a YouTube channel? Or maybe you create video content for other social channels. Either way, email is a great way to promote your video content.

Welcome emails

When someone subscribes to your list, send them an email welcoming them and letting them know what to expect from your emails.

Don't do this manually though, use email automation to automatically send this email when someones subscribes to your list.

Thank you emails

Send new customers an email to thank them from purchasing from you. You can also take the opportunity to provide them with more information about your business.

Like the welcome emails, don't do this manually. Use email automation to send these out automatically around one hour after they have purchased.

Email Marketing Copywriting Tips

Once you have figured out the content you want to use in your emails, it's time to write them. Here are some great tips to help you write emails like a professional copywriter.

Use an open loop

This is that magic ingredient that gets people consuming every last word you write. It is done by simply starting with an intriguing statement or question then not answering that question until the end of the email.

Or better yet, don't provide the answer, unless they click your link.

Use bullet points

Busy people skim read. Instead of giving them a block of text to read, provide easily digestible bullet points to help them consume the information.

Provide Value

Why should people read your emails? So they can buy your products or services? Click, delete.

People will engage with your emails more if you provide value in them. Give them useful advice or alert them to sale items and special discounts where they can save money.

Write Fast

Write your emails fast

Think fast, write fast. This will get across a sense of urgency in your writing and make your email recipients much more likely to take action from your emails.

Ask questions

A simple question is a great way to keep your email readers engaged. If we read a question, we can't help to answer them, whether it's in our head or out loud.

Use the word 'You'

Instead of always using the word 'I' in your writing, switch it out for the word 'you'.

By doing this, it puts the focus of the email on the reader. It will make your writing come across like you care more about them and will keep them engaged.

Sell benefits not features

The cold hard truth is that your customers don't care about your products or services. They care about what your products or services can do for them.

Instead of saying your lawnmower has reenforced titanium blades, tell people why this is good... it cuts grass better and lasts longer.

Email Marketing List Building Tips

You can't send emails if you don't have a list of contacts to send them too. These tips will help you grow your list faster.

With a bigger list, your emails are going to have a bigger impact and generate more sales.

Give people a reason to sign up

I too often see businesses saying "Sign up to our email list."

Why should someone do this? Just because you said so? A better approach is to tell them the benefits they will receive by signing up to your email list.

Contact details are a form of currency. What are you giving them in exchange?

Send a welcome email using automation

To keep people engaged with your emails, you want to hit them up straight away when they join your list.

Send them a nice welcome email and let them know what they should expect now that they are a part of your email list. Most email marketing platforms offer automation features.

Create valuable gated content

Create content that is so valuable that people can't help but give you their contact information in exchange for receiving the content.

Think eBooks, training series, and industry reports.

Use a lead generation tool

Lead generation tools will allow you promote why people should sign up to your email list. Think popups, welcome bars and exit intent page takeovers.

They also include some nifty optimisation features that will help you grow your list quicker.

Include a sticky Call To Action (CTA) on your website

To get your list sign up in front of more people, make it a prominent feature of your website.

Include a button that sticks to the screen so people can't miss it. Keep it in a non-intrusive place so it doesn't get in the way of people viewing your website's content.

Create a social media list building strategy

If you have a thriving social media community, encourage people who follow you to sign up to your email list. Promote your gated content or list sign up form with social media posts.

General Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices

You should now have some great ideas on what to include in your emails and how to craft them to get more engagement.

Here are some email marketing best practices that will ensure your email deliverability remains high.

Make it easy to unsubscribe

If someone unsubscribes from your list, it's not the end of the world. If someone marks you as spam because they can't unsubscribe, this could cause some bigger issues.

Make it obvious that people are able to unsubscribe from your list if they so choose. Too many people marking your emails as spam will have a very negative effect on your deliverability.

Don't buy lists

Buying lists sounds like a good idea but, by doing so, you are lowering your business to the realms of the spammers.

Your open and click rates will be lower. More people will mark your emails as spam. This is not a long term strategy for business growth.

Instead build an opt in list using the methods I mentioned previously. Your list will be more engaged and it will be better for your long term growth.

Keep your image sizes small

One of the most common mistakes I see people making when it comes to email marketing is using large image files. This makes your emails look more like spam to ISPs and email clients, and will result in a decreased email deliverability rate.

Use JPEG files for your images as these are smaller and make sure it is not too large a file size.

Don't just use images

This is another common mistake that people make in the email marketing world. They use just images in their emails.

If someone has images turned off in their email client then your email will look like a blank message. And this looks an awful lot like spam.

Use a good mix of text and images in your emails.

Add alt text to images

When you do use images in your emails make sure to use alt text. This is the text that describes what is in the image.

If someone has their images turned off, at least they can see what is meant to be in them.

Most email marketing platforms offer the ability to easily enter alt text for each image you use.

Time to try these email marketing tips yourself

By following these tips, you will be sure to instantly improve your email marketing deliverability, open rates, click rates, and sales.

Try implementing some of them into your next email marketing campaign.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do so.

If you found the post useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues by clicking one of the buttons below.

Have a great day!

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