6 free collaboration tools to help your business communicate better

6 free collaboration tools

Communication is one of the greatest skills for your business to master. You have no doubt been on the receiving end of poor communication.

Unclear emails / voicemails, a note left on your desk under a stack of books, misleading instructions. Whatever it was, it had a negative impact on your workflow and perhaps even worse, your business.

Being able to effectively communicate is going to have a huge benefit on your business. So I thought I would show you some awesome free tools that will help you collaborate and communicate. Making your business more effective and productive.

Let’s get stuck in.


We all know it and we probably have all used it at one point. If used correctly this well-known platform can be a great collaboration tool for your business.

You can transfer documents, message, chat, video and voice call. Pretty much everything you need to stay connected with your team.

Many people will also already have a Skype account which would make the adoption much easier.


WhatsApp is much more than an instant messenger. It is also a fantastic collaboration tool that can be utilised for business. Allowing you to communicate through voice and video calls, and of course, instant messenger.

You can also send encrypted documents which is a must have for many businesses.

The app version is excellent; however, the desktop version has some drawbacks. Such as having to be connected to your mobile phone and not being able carry out voice or video calls.

Google Hangouts

Google are putting a lot of effort into creating some awesome business tools. Google Hangouts is a very effective collaboration tool that allows you to chat, call and share documents.

The great thing about this is that most people already have a Google account. So it is nice and easy for them to get started. If you are already using Google Docs for your business then this may be the way forward for you.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has many of the features that you look for in a good collaboration tool. Why not use it for business?

The main drawback here is encouraging your team to be constantly connected to Facebook during work. But hey, you might see this as a positive thing. Especially if you are running an employee advocate program for social media.


Slack is one of the major players in collaboration software. They have a free version that offers you limited functionality. But this is still plenty for a small business to make use of.

This is also a purpose-built business collaboration platform, meaning it has all the added benefits that comes with it.

Plus, you have the benefit of easily scaling up when your business grows.


Like Slack, Trello is one of the big players in the collaboration software field. They too have a free version. Perfect for a small business trying to improve their communication.

Also like Slack, you get the added benefits of it being a purpose-built collaboration platform. Scaling up when your business grows is going to be a lot easier.

Which one to use?

This is the big question. It really depends on what you are looking to get out of it.

A good way to decide could be to look at what your team already uses regularly, then just adopt that.

Many of the tools outlined here offer similar features and would all be great for a small business.

However, if you have bigger plans for your business, then maybe you want to start using Slack or Trello. When you come to growing your business, and scaling up the usage of your chosen collaboration platform, you’ll find implementation and adoption much easier. These have features to more effectively manage larger teams.

There might be a cost involved but it will be worth it. You don’t want to let that amazing communication that you have been refining slip just because you are growing.

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