5 Ways to Optimise Your Website for Lead Generation

Early on in my marketing career I quickly realised one of the most important aspects of a marketers job.

The reason I realised it so quickly was because I worked alongside a rapidly growing sales team who were hungry for new customers.

The way to get these customers was to start with lead generation.

Everybody wants more leads.

Whether you are a big business, a small business, or a one person business machine, you want more leads.

This is because creating more leads, means creating more opportunities for new sales.

I have a question for you. How do you generate leads from your website at the moment?

Many businesses have just one method, the contact form.

If you want more leads, you need to look beyond the contact form.

Here are my top five tips to optimise your website for lead generation.

By following these, you will be able to drastically increase the number of leads your business is generating.

This in turn will generate more sales.

Make sure you read to the end as number five is the most important part of the process.

how to optimise your website for lead generation

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Create a lead magnet

A lead magnet is a way to attract someone to give you their contact details.

It can be as simple as a discount off your products or services or an information product like an eBook or training mini series.

Whatever it is, it needs to have a high value to be able to get people excited enough to give you their contact information.

Here is an example of a lead magnet for a design business.

lead magnet example

If you are targeting people interested in design services then an info product like this will get their attention.

They are offering people inspiration when searching for their ideal logo.

Out of the people who download it, there will be many who would like this company to design their logo for them.

By creating a lead magnet similar to this, you will be able to collect more leads for your business than if you were just asking people to contact you.

Use Pop Ups

Pop ups are a very popular way to generate leads from a website.

You have likely come across many in your time browsing the web.

It has almost become second nature when visiting a website. You expect them to jump out at you.

This is because they work really well, especially if you combine them with your newly developed lead magnet.

pop up example

Take this pop up as an example. If you are browsing a website to help you create more leads, you are very likely going to take them up on this offer.

They have just put a very relevant lead magnet in front of you in a very engaging way.

There is no chance you will miss it. It's right in front of you.

And, it is offering you a lot of value in helping you attract more leads to your business.

Welcome Bars

Although pop ups are great, some people could find them somewhat intrusive.

Luckily, there are many other ways you can attract a website visitor's attention without being intrusive.

One of those ways is to use something called a Welcome Bar.

A Welcome Bar is very similar to a pop up but it appears at the top or bottom your screen.

This means it is not blocking any of the content that you visited the website to consume, making them a lot less intrusive than the standard pop up.

And also a very effective way of generating leads.

Welcome Bar Example

Take this example from JeffBullas.com.

At the very top of the page, not intruding on your view of the pages content, is a call to action for visitors to download his lead magnet.

It is still viewable enough to get people's attention without upsetting anyone.

Exit Intent Pop Ups

The exit intent pop up takes the standard pop up to the next level.

Instead of being triggered by people just landing on a webpage, it is triggered when someone looks like they are about to leave.

This is an incredibly effective method of generating new leads.

When you think about it, they are almost the perfect lead generation method.

One of the main reasons you want to generate a lead is so that you don't lose a potential customer when they navigate away from your website.

It is a last ditch attempt at grabbing their contact information before they are never to be seen again.

Here is a great example from Backlinko.

Exit Intent Pop Up Example

It is triggered when someone looks like they are about to leave the Backlinko website.

They cut straight to the point and tell people what they can help them achieve if they download this eBook.

Not a bad way to entice someone who looks like they are about to leave your website, right?

Split Test Your Contact Forms

If you really want to maximise your lead generation from your website then you need to split test your forms.

Using the lead generation methods found earlier in this blog post will greatly help you collect more leads.

But if you really want to take your lead generation to the next level, you need to split Test the form to increase its conversion rate.

A Split Test or A/B test as it is often referred to is a way to see if a specific element in an asset helps to increase the end results.

So, for email marketing, that end result might be open rates or click through rates.

For contact forms or pop ups, it will be the number of leads generated.

Spit testing

You can test things like button colour, headline text, call to action, size, etc.

The aim is to create the highest converting form possible.

There are a few different softwares out there that you can use for this, we use GetResponse as it offers all the different pop ups we need along with ways to split test them.

Ready to generate more leads?

These are some practical steps that you can implement today to increase the number of leads that you are generating from your website.

Here is a quick run down of the different methods I mentioned in the post:

  • Create a Lead Magnet to give people a reason to give you their contact details.

  • Use a Pop Up as a way to capture someones attention when they are browsing your websites content.

  • Use a Welcome Bar as a less intrusive way to capture someones attention when they are browsing your website.

  • Use an Exit Intent Pop Up to capture people's attention as they go to leave your website.

  • Split Test your contact forms to make sure they are optimised for lead generation.

Once you have created a lead, the next step is to engage with them straight away.

The most effective and productive way to do this is to use email automation to automatically send emails to all new leads.

Do you want to learn how to use email automation to turn leads into customers?

Download our 34-page guide to create an automated customer acquisition system in your business today. Click here to download now.

Thanks for reading the blog post. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do so.

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