5 tools for busy small business owners

5 tools for busy small business owners

Running a business can be very time consuming.

Especially in the beginning when you are wearing all those different hats. It is made more difficult by the fact that you can’t create any more hours in the day. Trust me on this, I have tried.

I know I am always looking for ways for how I can squeeze more time out of my day. The tools I am about to show you are ones that I use to be more effective with my time.

The last one is a game changer!


How many times have you forgotten your password for something? If you are like me then a lot.

All that time spent sending a reset link to your email only to realise it is an old email account you have also forgotten the password too. This can be a real annoyance in your day.

Luckily this no longer happens in my day. That’s because I use a tool called LastPass.

LastPass stores all your passwords for you securely and in a very accessible way. Download the smartphone app and plugin for your web browser and you will completely streamline creating, saving and accessing passwords.

Status Brew

We all know how important social media is for our business. But to do it well can take a lot of time. Constantly worrying about tweeting this and posting that picture on Instagram. It can get very tiring.

That’s why you need to use a social media management tool like Status Brew.

I have used a lot of tools to help me manage my social media and Status Brew has made something that really helps you save time. You can essentially put Twitter on autopilot.

Considering this is a platform that requires you to tweet up to a dozen times in a day to be effective, this is a huge time saver.

Its content recycler functions lets you create a huge queue of posts to go out when you want them to. Essentially letting you completely forget about updating your Twitter.

It also allows you to schedule your posts across the rest of the major social media platforms.


How many emails do you send to a prospect before they become a customer?

It’s a lot, right?

You need to use an email automaton platform like GetResponse. This will let you create a sequence of follow up emails based on your prospects’ actions. If you do it well, you can literally automate the sales journey.

Imagine if you can create an automated sales funnel for your business. How much time would you save? We reckon at least 5 hours a week.


Are you still taking face-to-face meetings for everything?

That means you are probably spending two days a week out of the office for 3 meetings, 4 if you’re good.

Now think what it will do to your business if you can double the number of meetings you have and half the time it takes to conduct them?


I know, I know. There is nothing like meeting someone in person to establish a strong relationship. Perhaps.

But then there is nothing like being able to put more quality work in for your clients because you just saved a ton of time not meeting them in person. What’s more important, shaking someone’s hand or crushing the work you are doing for them?


Staying up-to-date on market trends is one of those things that gets pushed right to the bottom of the list when you are busy. When, realistically, it should be right at the top.

But when we are under pressure to finish a client project or get that new product out, this important part of business gets overlooked.

Well, I have something for you that will help you collate all your industry analysis, latest tech trends, and even your competitor research. Then, put it into a super simple swipe system to help you quickly browse what’s important from your phone.

Mind blown, right?

This little piece of treasure is Feedly. You should probably check it out.

Stop being so busy

These tools will help free up your time. You can then use that time however you see fit.

Focus on growing your business, have more family time, or take that well-deserved holiday you have been planning.

What are you waiting for?

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