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If you want your business to remain viable in today’s competitive landscape, you have to adapt to the evolving changes. Some of these changes include the dynamics in digital marketing. A business must strive to meet its audience wherever they are.

Gone are the days when TV and newspaper publications called the shots in the marketing industry. Even these have gone digital to remain viable against the many digital marketing trends such as email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing, and chatbots among others.

However, as is the case with any other online activity, security measures should be a primary concern whenever you are marketing your business content online. Many established and upcoming enterprises have gone down following data breaches and other cybercrime attacks.

Read on to know the major risks of using digital marketing methods and some useful tips on how to stay safe in order to define and reap from your digital presence despite the existence of cyber threats.

Security risks of digital marketing

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Data breaches

For a digital marketer, take, for instance, email marketers, customer data is an invaluable asset. Unfortunately, it is also an attractive target for hackers and cybercriminals with a motive to steal and/or compromise sensitive information such as user data like customer accounts and payment information.

A data breach can occur if such confidential information falls on the wrong hands. Some of the consequences of data breaches include bad publicity which can have very dire consequences on a business.

Social media hacking

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Building a powerful and active social media profile for your business can go a long way in achieving real-time interactions with your customers. And because many people spend a notable amount of time on these social networks, it is easy to get referrals to your brand.

The danger of this marketing trend is that it is also very vulnerable. Cybercriminals can hijack your business' profile and wreak havoc. They could send false messages, spam your client’s inboxes with malicious content and so on.

Some criminals go to the extent of impersonating your company by creating a false profile to lure unsuspecting customers. You can prevent this by verifying your business’ social media accounts.

E-commerce sites attacks

In this attack, cybercriminals identify the popular e-commerce platforms used by digital marketers. The attack capitalizes on the vulnerabilities and possible gaps within user accounts such as outdated web plug-ins.

If successful, an attack on an e-commerce site can lead to malware infections which may result in theft of critical data such as payment information from incorporated digital payments like PayPal.

Tips for digital marketers to stay safe from cyber threats

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Invest in a VPN

Using a Virtual Private Network is an ideal way to secure all your internet traffic. This tool not only creates a safe and secure network but also encrypts details of all information such as financial transactions, and customer accounts.

Encrypted data is unreadable to anyone who might succeed in intercepting it while in transit.

Use strong passwords

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Using complex passwords is a primary way of keeping off hackers who may be interested in hacking your social media accounts.

Ideal passwords should contain a combination of numbers, alphabets in both upper and lower cases, and special characters. Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.

Opt-in for automatic updates

Enabling automatic updates is also a handy way of keeping malware at bay. Many malware developers exploit the vulnerabilities of outdated software to plot attacks.

Stay ahead of these criminals by enabling automatic updates. This way, your ecommerce plug-ins and other software and programs will update without you even noticing it.


As a digital marketer, you are handling both customer and business data. This is a ripe target for cybercriminals. To stay ahead of them, you must, in addition to the above tips: remain vigilant. This way, you will be able to realize the awesome results that come with these new marketing trends.

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