5 tools to help with competitor research

Research is key when starting any business venture. The scope of that research can be vast. At the end of the day, you want to ensure you understand everything about your new venture.

One of the best ways to understand more about your business and the market it operates in is by looking at your competitors. Unless you have created a completely unseen product or service, then you will definitely have some competitors out there.

By conducting thorough research into your competitors, you will be in a better position to understand what your business needs to do to become successful. Your competitors probably already know what it takes to well in the industry, so this presents a good opportunity to learn from them.

Here are 5 tools that will help you with your competitor research.


Feedly allows you to collate the content that you love into one easily accessible platform. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with everything going on in your industry.

It is also a good way to monitor what content your competitors are pushing out. The RSS feature on Feedly allows you to follow any website news feed or blog you want.

This is great information that can help you to build your own content strategy.


SpyFu’s main focus is SEO and Google Adwords research. It allows you to discover what keywords your competitors rank highest on and the websites that are linking back to them. Both of these are really useful to help you build your own SEO strategy.

As an added bonus, you can also spy on the Google Adwords campaigns they are running. You can see the copy they use and how much they are using those adverts.

Built With

Want to figure out the best systems to use for your new business? Why not take a peek at what systems your competitors are using?

Built With allows you to do exactly that. Just type in their domain and Built With will show you all the web based tools and software your competitors use to run their business.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a SEO research tool similar to SpyFu. It allows you to research your competitors’ SEO and helps you to develop your own strategy.

They market themselves as an all-in-one digital marketing research tool. They include social media amongst the information they find on your competitors.

They also have a competitive keyword research tool that allows you to understand how difficult it will be to rank on specific keywords.

Buzz Sumo

This is a fantastic way to understand what content your potential customers interact with the most. You can use it to search by topic or competitor.

This will give you an idea on the type of content that your competitors are using. You will be able to understand what resonates well with their audience. This will help you to build your own content marketing strategy.

Go forth and research

If you are just starting out or have been running a business for years, keeping up-to-date with what your competitors are doing is going to help you.

For a new business, this can provide invaluable information on what works and help you to get your business performing better, faster.

Many of the tools that I have outlined in this blog have a free version. I would recommend checking them out and seeing what you can find about those pesky competitors. You will likely find some instantly actionable insights.

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