Should a small business blog? Hell, yes!

small business blog

Blogging, blogging, blogging. Everyone always seems to talk about this as if it is the answer to all our marketing prayers. That’s because it is! Or at least it can be. Especially for small businesses.

For a reasonable amount of time and no cost, you can create something that can significantly increase your business’s visibility to its target market. InsideView says that B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not.

Achieving more leads is great. If that doesn’t sell you on blogging, then maybe these 4 reasons will. Here are my top 4 reasons why I think you need to blog as a small business.

Link Building

If you haven’t had much experience with SEO, then you may have not heard of this term. It is simply getting more websites to link to your site.

This is a key factor Google uses when looking at the authority of your website. If a lot of websites are linking to yours, then you must be saying something useful and engaging. This will help you work your way up that search ranking league table. This free traffic is going to help your small business save on that essential marketing spend.

There are many tactics you can take when link building. One of the best is to blog. Hubspot found that companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. Not only does blogging give people something to link to organically, it will also give you something to suggest to fellow bloggers.

Make sure you spend the time in creating a blog that provides real value to your audience. The more valuable the information, the more likely someone will feature you on their blog or website.

Improve Writing

If you are not already a great writer, then the only way to learn is to practice. If your blog requires you to write even just one post a week, think about all that writing practice you will gain over the year.

You don’t need to be a skilled writer to create a useful blog either. If the information is great, then people are going to appreciate it. You will soon start to build up your writing skills. Before you know it, you will become a blogging ninja.

The Next Web says it only takes 20 hours to learn a new skill. You will be an expert if you stick to a regular schedule over the year. To get started, this blog gives some useful tips on how to improve your writing skills.

Learn more

Blogging is an amazing way to learn more about a subject, even if you are already an expert in that area. A well-researched blog is always going to uncover something that you didn’t know. Even if you are just reinforcing your knowledge, it is a valuable task to undertake, and will help you keep up to date with all areas of interest.

Why not try blogging about a topic you know very little about? If you are doing your research then you will still create something that contains useful information. This could be a great way to force yourself to learn more about that business function you have been meaning to understand better.

A great tactic to take when starting a business could be to blog about areas that you need to learn about to improve your own business. Why not? Not only are you learning more, but you are sharing what you’ve learnt with your audience. That would be mighty kind of you, don’t you think?

Build Trust

Writing blogs for your audience that provides useful information for them is a great way of building trust. If you can demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, they are going to be more likely to believe you when you say that your products or services can help them. Very useful for a small business trying to make a name for itself.

81% of online consumers trust the information they read on blogs. Focus your blog topics on information that your target audience will find interesting. Use it as an introduction to your business. A way to warm them up to your business and products.

Think of it as an exchange of value. If they find your blog valuable then they are likely to return to read more. Perhaps they will have a look around your site. Perhaps they realise that your products are perfect for them. They then become a valuable customer of yours.

Uncover the possibilities

These 4 reasons just scrape the surface of the benefits of blogging. We barely touched on the amount of traffic that you can generate from a great blog strategy. Think about all of that traffic out there for the taking. Don’t wait for your audience to go elsewhere. Start blogging now!

Keep an eye out on our future posts where we will cover the fundamentals for creating great blog content.

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