Small Business Webinars – A guide to success

small business webinars

Webinars are a great way to generate leads but are often thought to be expensive, time consuming and difficult to run. Therefore, small businesses often consider this marketing method to only be available to their larger counterparts. This doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, if done right, creating and running a successful webinar can be easily achieved by a small business. Here are some tips on how to make it happen.

The right tools for the job

First, let’s start by finding a platform that you can use to run webinars. As a small business owner, you don’t want to be spending too much money but you want to make sure you are using reliable technology. Here are 3 great webinar platforms that aren’t going to break the bank.


This in my opinion is one of the best webinar platforms on the market, regardless of price. It allows you to easily set up and run a webinar yourself, and you can be confident you are not going to get any issues with the platform crashing halfway through an event. The starting package will set you back £69 a month and allows you up to 100 attendee seats to your webinar.


This software offers many similar features you will find in other webinar platforms. The main difference with ClickMeeting is the added functionality of integration apps for Facebook and other social media platforms. There are also more pricing options with the basic package starting at £19 for 25 attendee seats.


This reliable software is aimed at small businesses looking for an affordable platform to host webinars. You get the standard tools as you would expect in a webinar solution, and they offer a flexible pricing structure depending on what you are looking for. A good plan to go for is the Webinar Pro 30 which gives you 30 attendee seats at $38.

Planning a successful webinar

Once you have chosen your webinar platform, it’s then time to get to work on planning your webinar topic and marketing approach. Here are some tips to help.

Short registration form

People usually get put off by having to complete long registration forms, not wanting to give away too much of information to a company they may know little about. By only asking for the essential information in your registration form, you will find that you are getting more people to sign up for your event.

Make it human

Be sure to include a picture and a bio of the webinar speaker(s) on the registration page. This helps build trust with your audience and shows them that you are not just a corporation trying to sell them something.

Use guest speakers

If you are a B2B business, then get one of your customers to host the webinar with you. This is a great way to validate your business by showing a case study of a company that you have recently helped. It is also great opportunity for that customer to promote their business, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to persuade.

Emails drive sign ups

Direct marketing methods like email will help you get more people registering to your event. Make the webinar your main focus of the email and tell them what value they will receive by attending. Include a strong call to action to encourage them to sign up.

Provide them with real value

The easiest way to promote your business is by creating a webinar which provides real value to the attendees. Not only that, but it will also help you to push the people that do attend further down your sales funnel. The value you provide must be worth the time they invest by attending the event.

Send out multiple reminders

Even if you do get a lot of people to register for your webinar, it doesn’t guarantee that they will actually attend. Make sure you are sending out multiple reminders on the run up to the event to ensure you have a good attendance rate. The registration process should also allow the attendee to download the webinar appointment into their calendar of choice.

Get the webinars going

Webinars aren’t just great for generating leads but are also a useful tool throughout your entire sales funnel. If you can create a webinar series that provides real value for both prospects and customers, then you are not only converting prospects but helping to get repeat business at the same time. Why not try out some of these tips and start a webinar series in your business. Trust me, it’ll be worth the investment.

Help more small business owners run webinars

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