Small business content marketing – ideas to innovate your game

We live in the age where content is king, and to stay ahead of the content marketing game, you need to innovate at a fast pace. Sometimes this is not always easy in a small business as you may lack the resources or skills to create content. Since we specialise in making business simple I wanted to show you some ways how you can easily create high impact content to take your content marketing to the next level.


I am going to get stuck in to what some people might perceive as a difficult or expensive type of content to create. There is actually a super simple tool for creating amazing, high impact videos that you probably already use daily. This tool is Microsoft PowerPoint. That’s right, I said it, Microsoft PowerPoint.

After you have created your slides, you can then record the timings for how the slides will play in the video using the recording feature. Once you have taken care of this, you can simply export your presentation as a .MOV or .MP4 file.

By utilising the transitional effects in power point you can easily create a stunning looking video for a low cost. There are some pretty impressive animation features that will make your video look amazing. You might want to put some effort into working on the timings of the transitions but this isn’t a big hurdle. Can’t complain since this is a software that you probably already have access to.


Another type of content where people might not have the confidence to try and create themselves is the mighty infographic. A staple in most marketers’ toolkit that engages individuals by providing them with useful information in a eye-catching package. Well there is an easy tool to help you with this too. There are many in fact, but the one I am going to talk about is Piktochart.

Piktochart have made creating infographics simple. So simple in fact, everyone can do it. They even offer a free version. The drag-and drop editor lets you easily create stunning infographics that are sure to engage your target audience. With thousands of templates, images and icons, it is easy to create something that will stand out.

Just make sure you the infographic you are creating contains useful information for your target audience. They are a great way to showcase facts and statistics, so be sure to find interesting and relevant ones.


This is probably one of the most widely used types of content out there. You use graphics in almost everything from social media to promotional brochures. You often see those beautiful images with a graphical informational overlay. There is a tool available that makes them super easy to create. It is called Canva.

Canva does much more than just create these types of images. You can create documents and even infographics in this free application. It is also easy to use. There are already hundreds of templates available in all shapes and sizes. You can choose from millions of images, icons, fonts and overlay to create a unique voice for your brand.

If you want to improve your Twitter marketing, then they have templates for Twitter. It’s the same for the other social platforms and different types of media. Canva is making graphical design super simple and available to everyone.

Next steps

With all the tools out there to help people create awesome and engaging content, you can now work on making your content even more engaging. Make sure you research what your audience is interested in and tailor your content to them. With a little bit of testing and optimising, you will soon start to become a content marketing pro. To help you on your journey, here are some tips to create your content marketing strategy.

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