Why WhatsApp is great for business

why WhatsApp is great for business

There are many great tools out there specifically developed to help connect people within businesses. These tools do a fantastic job but usually come at a price. Something we like to use for catching up on interesting news topics or our next blog topic (amongst other matters) is WhatsApp. That’s right, the free messaging tool that was recently purchased by Facebook. This might seem strange to some, but really it is perfect for our needs. Here are some reasons why WhatsApp can be a great tool for businesses.

It’s also a phone service

If you are connected to the internet, you can make a phone call to any contact who has WhatsApp. The quality is great for all intents and purposes, although it’s always best to avoid too much moving about as this increases the chances of internet dropouts.

It is has video capabilities as well

The same applies with video calls. Find yourself a WiFi connection or connect via your 3G/4G network, and you’re good to go.

There is a desktop version

It costs less than £1 to purchase and can act as your work instant messenger or, if you work from home, your connection with other colleagues in the office.

You can connect via a web browser

You can log in to your WhatsApp account using your web browser. Just connect your device to your PC using a QR code and you’re all set.

It stores your chat log

We are all guilty of forgetting things from time to time. If you happen to forget details of a conversation that you had with a colleague, then WhatsApp has your back. You also have the ability to keyword search within conversation feeds.

You can share files (and back them up)

WhatsApp allows you to easily share files with colleagues or clients through your phone, or with the help of the desktop app. Your media is stored on your device, and you can have these folders on your device synced with your cloud back-up solution.

Group chat

If you are working on projects then group chats are a great way to collaborate with your colleagues. Change the group name and icon to make it clear what the group chat relates to. If you fancy taking a back seat, you can always mute the conversation for definite periods of time.

Works anywhere in the world

If mobility is something that you value in your business, then WhatsApp is the tool for you. Connect to the internet and you are good to go, wherever you are in the world. Just make sure the destination you are in is included in your data package or has low cost bolt-ons.

It’s encrypted!

One of the greatest steps WhatApp have taken was implementing end-to-end encryption. This means your messages and media are secured and protected from falling in the wrong hand.

One thing to note with many low cost and free solutions is there can be a trade off with privacy. Many companies collect data on the way you use their services. Often this is so they can make improvements to applications or target other services which may be of interest to you, but read the terms carefully so you know what information will and will not be collected.

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