10 businesses you can start tomorrow

10 business ideas you can start tomorrow

Entrepreneurialism is too often associated with high-tech high skill businesses, when the driving force for entrepreneurs is quite the opposite. The market trader, the food truck chef, the soap bar maker. These are the micro and small businesses that are fuelling the world’s economy. This report from What They Think looks at the current phenomena in the USA where the number of microbusinesses are increasing at 3x the rate of the population. Make no mistake about it, we are in an entrepreneurial revolution. We live in a world with few barriers to business enablement. If we wanted to, one in which we could start a business tomorrow. So why don’t we?

Fear, financial security, perceived lack of skills. These are a number of reasons that might hold us back and all are perfectly valid. However, fear can be overcome, finances can be improved and everyone has a set of skills and a passion, we just have to realise it. Whatever the reason that is holding you back, it doesn’t have to. Just look at what you are good at and where your passions lie, and run with it. If you have often thought that you would like to start your own business but are not quite sure what you would do, then my answer to that is anything. You can literally start a business in an infinite number of areas. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Dog Walking

This is a great business, and one with very few barriers to entry. Just look around your local neighbourhood at the number of dogs you see being walked each day. You can save these people time by simply walking their dogs for them. You can walk multiple dogs at a time and run multiple walks in one day. Creating the business and getting customers can be as simple as printing some flyers and posting them through your neighbour’s doors or on the messages boards in your local shops.

Event Planning

Are you an expert at planning birthday parties or the company Christmas bash? Then why not make some money out of this expertise? You don’t have to run large corporate events; you can simply advertise your services for birthdays or other special occasions. Create a Facebook page or a simple website and start looking to your friends and family for potential events you can run. Once you have run your first few, you can prove your experience and start advertising outside of your immediate network.

Cleaning Services

A house cleaning business provides a very valuable service to people who do not have the time to keep their home looking pristine. With just a small financial outlay, you can invest in the equipment required to start this business. With some simple flyers, you can begin to promote your business to your local community. Also, look to your friends and family as I am sure that you will find some of them who are in need of your services.


Were you always good at English in school? Have you kept this skill up by writing a blog or short stories? If so, then you can look at creating a business utilising your writing skills. There is a large demand for copywriters throughout many business areas. You can write a blog, website content, printed content, articles, press releases and many other resources for companies. Freelance sites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour are great places to start looking for business. You can even start this in your spare time outside of your normal work and once you have built your reputation and client base, go at it full time.

Personal Trainer

The UK fitness industry has seen some impressive growth rates in recent years. Creating a fantastic opportunity to start your own business within the sector. Are you passionate about staying in shape? If so, use this passion to your advantage and help others get in great shape. You can run one-on-one session or run a group bootcamp. Starting this type of business can be as simple as creating a Facebook page and start advertising to your immediate network.

Custom Clothes Design

Do you have a flare for design or a passion for fashion? Then why not use this to create a custom clothes business? It can be as simple creating a few designs and printing your own t-shirts. They are many easy and cheap methods to print great looking clothing. If you are already up on the latest fashion trends, then you will find it easy to carve out your niche and get started.

Graphic Design

This is something I often find that people are doing as just a hobby. This is great, but why not turn that passion into a business and live the dream of doing what you love for work? Specialist freelancer websites like Design Crowd can help you find clients. If you are already doing it as a hobby, then why not monetise this and once you have enough clients, go full-time.

Gift Basket Service

I love this idea as there is such a huge scope for what you can include in your gift baskets. This means that any and every budding hobbyist can turn that hobby into a business. Choose your niche, create a simple website or Facebook page and start selling beautiful gifts.

Moving Service

Can you pick stuff up? If so, then you can start a moving business. Owning a van could be helpful but not necessary as you can always hire a van for jobs. You should be able to find your first few customers through your friends and family. Then start advertising your services through sites like Craigslist and Gumtree. With some focus and hard work, you will soon be able to create your own profitable business.


This is an idea for the photographer hobbyist out there. Are you at the stage where people are constantly commenting on how great your photos are? This probably means that people are willing to pay you money for them. You can start monetising this hobby by offering your services for special occasions or sell your images through sites like Shutterstock.

You don’t get anywhere without acting

The entrepreneurial revolution is upon us and joining it has never been easier. The excuse of having no skills or academics is no longer valid. There are tools available to enable anyone to start a business, you just have to want it. If, after looking at the above, you still don’t have an idea for a business you can create then just consider this. What is the greatest commodity that people have? Time. If you can offer something that saves people time then you can bet there are people out there that are willing to pay for it.

Join the revolution, you won’t regret it!

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