5 steps that will give you the confidence to start your own business

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Starting a business can seem daunting and this is often a barrier for people taking that step into the self employed stratosphere and towards business stardom. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be that scary. There are plenty of things you can start doing today to help get you ready for taking that step and going it alone. By putting some of the advice below into practice you will soon start to build the confidence that you need in order to take that leap.

Improve your focus

Focus is everything when starting a business. There will be long days and monotonous tasks. Like many of the good things in life, it isn't going to come easily. You understand that it will be a difficult journey so to help you accomplish your dream, improving your focus will go a long way.

A great way to improve your focus can be to map out your day in manageable chunks. 45 minutes is a good time to focus on a specific task. Anything longer and your brain starts to lose interest. Split your day into 45 minute intervals, being sure to build in time for your mind to reset with frequent short breaks. Create micro goals for what you want to achieve in that day. By meeting these goals you will soon start to see them build towards the larger picture.

Here is a great article with tips on how to improve your concentration, focus and how to plan your time better at work.

Consume knowledge

If you already know what business you want to create then start to consume information about the market and audience that you want to target. The more you know, the more confident you will feel when it comes to starting your business. Begin by reading what your competitors are doing or by subscribing to relevant newsletters and blogs.

I like to listen to podcasts during my 'in between time'. This is the time where I am travelling between places, the time where my brain is free to retain new information. There are many different podcasts out there so it is easy to find some useful. You don’t have to read anything or be at a computer. You can download them onto your phone and plug in your headphones or listen to them in the car. Fantastic to make the most out of your time travelling to and from work. Here is a great podcast series that I have been listening to recently on business startup stories.

I also like to set aside time everyday to read blogs and articles to increase my knowledge of relevant industries. By using your time efficiently and dedicating periods of your day to consume knowledge you will soon start to see your expertise levels increase. You might not realise it at first but then during a conversation with a colleague or friend, you will drop a massive knowledge bomb, impressing both them and yourself.

Network, network, network

One of the pillars of business and a great way to potentially meet your new business partner or client. If you have ever studied business or read a business related book then you know how much emphasis is put on networking in the professional world.

Specific networking events are everywhere. A Google search for events in your area will pull up plenty of opportunities for you to attend. Networking isn't just reserved for specific networking events either. Any business related event will have time built into the schedule for networking. These types of events can serve a dual purpose. You can learn from the information being presented and network with relevant individuals to discuss ideas about your business or field.

Check out this article on the top 10 sites for finding networking events to get started today.

Increase your skills

Does your future business require certain skills that you feel are not your strongest? Well that’s OK because we all should be constantly working on improving our skills anyway. If you have already identified the business that you want to start and the skills that you need to make it a reality, then you are already miles ahead of most people.

Check out your local educational centres for night courses. There may also be an organisation in the area that specialises in teaching business skills. You can always take to the internet and sign up to online courses to help improve your business knowledge. Given the abundance of resources out there, it will be easy to find a course tailored towards the skills you require.

Take more responsibility

Soon you will be taking on a lot of responsibilities in your new business and getting used to that as early as possible will help make that transition easier. A common learning curve in an individual's career is how to manage increasing amounts of responsibility. The more responsibility that you take usually results in increased stress levels. By taking on more responsibilities in your current job, you can reduce the learning curve for when you come to launch your new business.

This may sound a little counter intuitive since you might be thinking about leaving your current role soon to start a business. Trust me on this one. Getting used to having greater responsibilities will make the transition from employee to entrepreneur far less daunting.

The starting point for your new business

There is no formula for deciding when is the right time to start a business. It might be during a random conversation with a friend or colleague, or after making a new business connection. You can be certain that there will be a moment. This moment will provide you with the clarity you need to see that you are ready to realise your dreams. Try taking the above steps and soon this moment will come and your confidence levels will skyrocket. At this point there will be no stopping you taking that leap into business ownership.

Good luck!

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