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"More sales without having to chase prospects... EXCELLENT!"

Mirf Spiller, Cambridge TKD

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"marketprenuers helped clean up our lists, adding the correct tags as well as automating our email campaigns and set up our newsletter. Our eCommerce business now looks a lot more professional and we've already seen an increase in sales and engagement with our customers."


Sasha Radwin, Director of SpecialKids.Company.


"If you want an expert to set up your autoresponder platform and sequence then there is NO-ONE better to help you get focus, clarity and ultimately results."

Julian Thorton

Founder, Ecommpreneur

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"I’ve been working with Kyle and marketpreneurs for almost a year now and they immediately understood by business needs and were forthcoming with supporting my business plans by offering useful suggestions.


They have helped me to put in place lead generation emails for new and existing customers. This has resulted in an increase of repeat purchases and also returning customers purchasing other products too.


I would definitely recommend marketpreneurs' services due to their knowledge and understanding of a customer’s online retail journey and where to implement processes to benefit your business. Kyle is also flexible and approachable."


Liz Morana, Founder of MumbaBra

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"marketpreneurs helped us engaged with new and existing customers through email marketing. No complex jargon. Just simple, clear advice." 


Peach Blossom

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"marketpreneurs are fantastic to work with. They have great insights and expertise into lead generation and email marketing. Professional and efficient, delivering results that have exceeded our expectations." 


Aisha W, Founder of Passion Fruut


"Kyle is a very talented marketer. When I first brought him on board to design a new email sequence that would re-activate and engage my audience he knocked it out of the park... If you are looking for a results-driven marketeer, Kyle and marketpreneurs are right for the job!"


Dom @ Gen Y Finance Guy

"I would recommend working with marketpreneurs as they added a lot of value to our business within a short amount of time."

Jonathon Croydon

Business Development Manager


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